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Announcing 2021 Test Drive Day

WaterMate Boats announces test-drive day. This summer the test-drive event will happen on the 24th of July in Estonia. This is a great opportunity to test the vessel in a real-life situation. During the test, you get to experience the boat’s characteristics and performance which will give you more information so you can make a […]


Test-driving the LR9 in Germany

Test-drive on the Mosel river and upcoming test-drive in Frankfurt this fall Our team organized a test-drive on the German-Luxembourg-France river named Mosel last week. The test went well and the boat full filled all the expectations. As our LR9 model is specially designed for rivers and lakes, it makes it a perfect boat for […]

AO12 development

Boot Düsseldorf 2020 was the first we spoke about our real plans of the all-new AO12 passenger boat. As indicated in its name, the safari boat will be 12 meters in length and approximately 3.4 meters in width. It will, as its sibling the LR9, carry up to 20 passengers + 2 crew. The model […]

WaterMateBoats passenger boat now in Frankfurt!

The boat we sold at Boot Düsseldorf 2020 finally received its 2x 140 horsepower Suzuki engines. Indrek and Co were present in Frankfurt for the engine installment on the new LR9 tour boat. With our dear client, Abenteuer Spielplatz at Frankfurt, the LR9 passenger boat was put in water. During the test-drive Indrek teached the […]


Ready for Boot Düsseldorf 2020

The road to Düsseldorf The 14th January 2020 our team started the journey to Germany for Boot Düsseldorf. The trip from Tallinn to Düsseldorf begun in the early morning. Plan was to drive to Liepaja (Latvia) for a ferry which would take us to Travemünde, Germany. From there it was almost 500 kilometers to the […]

Boot Düsseldorf

We are back in Düsseldorf 2020! In 2020 we are back in Düsseldorf for Europe’s biggest boat fair. This will now be our third year joining Enterprise Estonia to this exhibition. This year we are happy to announce that we have worked the whole year to bring a new model into production. This has taken […]