Boot Düsseldorf 2020 was the first we spoke about our real plans of the all-new AO12 passenger boat. As indicated in its name, the safari boat will be 12 meters in length and approximately 3.4 meters in width. It will, as its sibling the LR9, carry up to 20 passengers + 2 crew. The model will be customizable for diving by adding ladders to the back or with a side door including a ladder. Incase of diving there is plenty of room for all the gear plus compressor for refilling the air tanks. On the new sea-capable model you will find special places for life-rafts on both in-board & out-board versions. The boat’s main idea is to have 20 passenger capacity with the highest speed to lowest fuel consumption without giving away anything on either safety or speed.

Our sincere hope was to be ready with the boat for Boot Düsseldorf 2021, but since the COVID-19 our plans have been shaken so hopefully, we can show the boat if not 2021 then 2022. For more information about the AO12 go to the model page.


Technical specification:
LOA: 12 meters
BOA: 3.4 meters
Pax.Capacity: 20+2
Fuel: 400L
AO Horsepower-to-Knots ratios: